Shared, A Better Way To Ride.

A More Exhilarating Way To Get Where You're Going.

Designed For Cities

You can ride in bike lanes, bike paths or streets. Shared zoomers can handle all road conditions.

Ideal For Long Trips

Shared zoomers are comfortable and capable of handling all types of terrain encountered on longer trips.

Safer Than Alternatives

Engineered with safety in mind, potholes & common road hazards aren't a problem for Shared zoomers.

Climb Hills With Ease

Thanks to a powerful electric motor, climbing any hill at full speed is a breeze.

Robustly Built

We've designed Shared zoomers from the ground up to stay reliable through frequent use.

Balanced & Predictable

Naturally balanced to provide an intuitive and comfortable experience for first time riders.

Incredibly Smooth

Designed for everyone, we've focused on making a comfortable ride while cruising at any speed.

Longer Range

Never get stranded. Shared zoomers can travel up to 35 miles on a full charge.