Drive any car on your terms, whenever you need it.

How Shared Works

We're making car ownership a thing of the past. Whether you need a car to get around town, an all-wheel drive SUV for a ski trip, or a pickup truck to move - Shared is for you.

Shared cars are always available and don't require reservation, find a car and be on your way. When you're done, you can park anywhere without having to ever return the car to where it came from.

People who use Shared save on average 50% over the national average for owning a car or using ride sharing services like Lyft or Uber.

Sharing Your Car

Let your car earn for you without lifting a finger. Sharing your car with others & being paid each time it's driven is easy. Shared handles all of the details & we don't require complicated installations or additional devices in your car. You never have to hand off keys or deal with drivers.

Your car's covered by $1,000,000 in liability insurance and is protected against physical damage.

See What Your Car Can Earn

Driving Shared Cars

Imagine being able to walk up to nearly any car on the street, text a number on the driver door, it unlocks and you drive away. That's Shared.

Transportation should be convenient and on your terms. With Shared, you pick the car, drive however long you want and park it wherever it's convenient.

All you need is a valid driver's license. You're insured by Shared on each car you drive.

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