Shared, A Better Way To Ride.

A More Exhilarating Way To Get Where You're Going.

Designed For Cities

You can ride Shared scooters in bike lanes, bike paths or anywhere a traditional bike can go.

20mph Top Speed

Shared scooters have a top speed of 20mph and comply with all local laws for safety & speed.

Safer Than Alternatives

Engineered with safety in mind, potholes & common road hazards aren't a problem for Shared scooters.

Climb Hills With Ease

Thanks to a powerful electric motor, climbing any hill at full speed is a breeze.

Robustly Built

We've designed Shared scooters from the ground up to stay reliable through frequent use.

Balanced & Predictable

Naturally balanced to provide an intuitive and comfortable experience for first time riders.

Incredibly Smooth

Designed for everyone, we've focused on making a comfortable ride while cruising at any speed.

Longer Range

Never get stranded. Shared scooters can travel up to 50 miles on a full charge.